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Blade 720 PriceBlade720 – Your First Drone

Drones are popping up more and more these days. Want to know why? They’re fun. There are probably more drone activities than you’re aware of: racing, drone trick competitions, photo contests, and even just recreational flying. The drone community is growing exponentially. Part of the reason is that they’ve become easier to get, and they’re cheaper than ever before. We’d like to tell you all about the Blade 720 drone. It’s not the most advanced drone on the market, but if you’re just staring out, it’s a great product for beginners. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, this drone’s specs, features, and price. If you’re ready to get you Blade 720 drone right now, just click any of the links on this page to order today!

While they may seem complicated on the surface (and some of them are), there are drones that are specifically geared toward those that don’t have much experience. Everyone must start somewhere. The Blade 720 performance drone is one that’s perfect for someone just starting out. If you’ve never touched one of these high-tech devices before, this may be a great place to start. It’s easy to set up, easy to fly, and you’ve already got one of the most important pieces of equipment – your phone! We’ll give you more details in a moment, but those are the basics of this particular drone. If you want to learn more about drones in general, click here. Ready to learn more? Here we go!

Blade 720 Pro

Blade 720 Specs

Here are the technical aspects of this drone:

  • 0MP 720P Wide Angle Camera
  • 4GHz Tech for Anti-Interference
  • 6-Axis Gyro
  • 3 Levels of Flight Speed
  • High Strength and Lightweight Fuselage for Durability and Speed
  • WiFi Allows and Pictures to go Directly to Connected Phone
  • Range of up to 100 Meters
  • Fly Time <10 Mins

Blade 720 App

We already touched on this a bit, but you already have one of the pieces of equipment you need for this device, your phone. Using an app, the drone is connected directly to your phone. The app is downloadable directly from the Apple (iOS) or Google Play (Android) stores. The app is free, so don’t worry about an added charge or hidden cost. All you do is download it and connect the app to the drone via a wifi connection, then hook your phone into the remote control, send the Blade 720p into the air, and you’ll be able to see everything the drone sees right on your phone’s screen. It’s that easy!

Blade 720 Features

Easy to set up (instructions coming up next) and simple to use, this drone can still do more than you might think. Let’s start simple: it’s foldable. The wings all clip into the inside of the drone itself making it small enough to carry in your pocket. The Blade 720 also has a one-touch take-off and landing feature. Just push a button and the drone is airborne, or if it’s already airborne, it’ll land safely in front of you. It also has a one-key return feature. As long as it’s in range, with the touch of a button, the Blade 720 will return right to you. Altitude hold button keeps the drone steady for the best pictures and videos possible, and the three different speeds allow you to go as fast or slow as you’d like. It can also do 360 rolls, but we recommend waiting until you’ve got some practice ion before you attempt that.

Blade 720 Pro Instructions

A lot of people don’t buy drones because they think they might be too complicated. This one is relatively simple, so here are the instructions how to get your drone up, running, and ready for flight:

  1. Take the drone out of the box with all of the components.
  2. Using the included screwdriver, attach the blades to the copter (if they were already attached, they may become damaged during the shipping process).
  3. Download the accompanying app on the Apple (iOS) or Google Play (Android) store.
  4. Follow the app’s simple instructions to sync the app with your drone.
  5. Hook your phone into the included remote control.
  6. Ensure the Blade 720 Pro has been properly charged and hit the one-key take-off button.
  7. You’re now flying a drone!
  8. We recommend doing basic maneuvers to start out with, going from point A to point B, flying in a circle, then a square. Once you’ve got some practice under your belt, open it up and see what this device is really capable of.

Blade 720 Price

Normally, these drones retail for $199.99, but if you use the links on this page, you can get some discount offers. One drone will be 50% off at $99.99. If you purchase two drones for $199.99, you’ll get a third completely free. If you order three drones for $299.99, you get two free for a total of five drones. That means you can get one for the whole family for a fraction of what they retail for. Shipping is included on all orders right now, so it’s great time to get them.

Blade 720 Summary

While there are drones out there can do more than this one, this particular device was built for beginners, people who want to dip their toe into the world of drone flying. The Blade 720 is small, compact, easy to use, and cheaper than a lot of drones on the market. It’s great for beginners and could be your introduction to the wonderful world of drones. Sounds pretty good, right? To order the Blade 720 performance drone, click any of the links on this page to order right now! What are you waiting for?

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